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Oh, will I make it through, will I make it through
Through the bottle neck
And out the other side

This is a trying time, right?
Time to stop and try to get my mind right.
I may think I'm in the prime of my life,
But when I look back in hindsight
I’ll find I was lying, right?

Feels like I'm in a bottle neck:
It was apparent that my parents went and stacked the deck,
But now I'm the one holding the cards,
I'm the house, and I've found out - hey man, dealing is hard!

I gotta tell you, it feels weird.
I pay rent, I got a job, I grew a real beard.
I got a wife, and we run our own life,
It’s like, it’s like I’ve become what I most feared.

No, I fear what I haven’t become.
I still feel confused and useless and dumb:
A silly little sucker sitting sucking his thumb,
Like how did I get here and where did I come from?
And where am I going and am I blowing it and is my insecurity showing?
Are people noticing this?
I’m serious, am I delirious, or are my bleary-eyed failing immaterial?
I’m curious: see, if I had to deal with me, I’d be furious.

Then I realize: we’re all stuck in that bottle neck,
Trying to squeeze through, no one knowing what the heck
Is waiting on the other side, scared, tired, going for it,
Hoping we end up just with something to show for it,
Thinking maybe we can do this, maybe we’ll get through this,
At the very least, maybe we’ll get used to this,
Maybe it’s a phase, maybe things change,
Maybe we just learn to be okay with things being strange,
Maybe our parents didn’t know how things would go,
Just putting on a show while they watched us grow,
Hoping we’d figure out what they never could,
Hoping maybe we’d do great where they did good,
Well they did what they could and now we will too,
We’ll pull ourselves together and we’ll squeeze through.

Oh, will I make it through, will I make it through
Through the bottle neck
And out the other side
I guess I’m gonna try


from THE BOTTLENECK and other stories, released April 18, 2017




Micah Sommersmith Wisconsin

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